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Time Bandits


Time Bandits

Jerry Turner

6 months gone.

"Last post was in January! What the hell have ya been doin'?" I heard that with a side of fuck off. Fuck it. Saying your busy sucks. No one believes it anyway, except for the people in my life who'd rather see me more... so they say.

Instead of trying to write what's been going on, with a cut up, charred up middle finger to my Mac, I'm gonna let the pics speak for themselves. Who really reads anymore anyway [sic]?

All I will say is that I'm very, very fortunate (some say very, very ignorant) to announce the opening of the Burbank Moto & Spagetty's Garage service, repair, fab, build and paint center just two blocks from the retail/parts "division."

Come see us at 1819 W. Burbank. We'll leave the Meatball out for ya!

Oh, and we'll see ya in the booth at Born Free 6.